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adidas Originals by Wales Bonner

Directed by Steven Traylor. Cinematography by Christopher Currence.

Weary Love (2023)

Music video for Mike.

Fendi Baguette Anniversary  Harper's Bazaar (2022)

Short video highlighting the 25th Anniversary of the Fendi Baguette Bag. Watch here.

Helping Hands (2021)

Helping Hands reflects on the practice of communal care and accountability to one's neighbors. The work features women residents of Lower East Side public housing developments who have contributed to transformative change in their neighborhood through direct action and advocacy

Fullcourt Chess (2021)

Promotional video for the Full Court Press Chess Set.

PHST (2021) 

Portrait of Vladdy G. One of the founders of PHST.

Aeron 04 (2020)

Music video for Chaz La Pointe. 

Negus Poem 1 & 2 (2020) 

Music video for KeiyaA. 

In The Absence of God (2017)

Short documentary about author and poet Layding Lumumba Kaliba.

Burnt Milk - Trailer (2023)

Cinematography for Burnt Milk, a short film that has been commissioned for the 2023 Venice Biennale as a visual response to this year's British Pavilion curational theme, ‘rituals’. The film is programmed for public viewing at the Main Hall of the British Pavilion on a weekly basis throughout the duration of the Biennale. Directed by Joseph Elmhirst.

Oldschool (2022)

Vignette of a neighborhood legend, Lonnie Milton. This film expands on what informed Lonnie's style and enthusiasm for basketball. 

The Fonz (2022)

Music video for Wiki & Subjxct.

Cree and Muza (2021)

Portrait of artist Cree McClellan with son Muza.

Intervals (2021)

An exploration of filmmaker Christopher Currence's relationship with his mother Chrys Rogers. Chrys explains to Christopher the hopes she had for him when bringing him into this world. The candid conversation brings to light the limit in which parents have in protecting their child.

ON Running (2021)

Promotional video for ON Running.

Kenzo x Vans (2020)

Cinematography for Kenzo's collaborations with Vans.

Dan Freeman (2020)

Music video for Medhane x AFB.

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